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Talent Cultivation

Talent cultivation refers to the whole process of talent selection, cultivation, education and management. On the strategic planning of talent cultivation, Widehigh enterprise always adhere to the strategic policy of "external introduction and internal education" to ensure the maximum introduction, cultivation and management of talents.

We adhere to the "morality determine the alternatives, ability determine the position, contribution determine the salary。" principle of employment. According to the company's strategic objectives, we formulate corresponding employment plans. According to different positions, draw up the corresponding job responsibility requirements, and introduce high-quality and shaping talents according to the requirements.

At the same time, we advocate the development concept of "talents are around", following the philosophy of "training people for their careers, not just their jobs". And establish a multi-level training plan system in line with the development direction of the enterprise to maximize human resources, fully mobilize the enthusiasm of each talent. For this reason, the company established Widehigh Business Society, committed to creating a strong learning atmosphere for the enterprise.Business Society includes internal training and external training of enterprises,the implementation of internal training can deliver positive energy to employees from different perspectives. It also plays an important role in the establishment of enterprise talent base and good talent echelon. External training provides more professional learning opportunities for employees, and also promotes our talent cultivation process to be more detailed, comprehensive and professional, with better results. Through scientific and diversified training methods, combined with the company's development assessment of employees, we will formulate career plans that meet the actual needs of employees, in order to promote the common promotion and development of employees and enterprises.

Introducing and cultivating talents is the only way for enterprises to develop and grow, but how to promote the high integration of employees and enterprises, improve employees' sense of belonging to the company, the management of talents is particularly important.We always insist "Only when people are suitable for things can they be used well" management concept, It complies with the requirements of talent management, enterprise progress and the development of the times.

Implement the strategy of "talents strengthen enterprises", further strengthen the work of talent construction, we firmly grasp the three important links of "Introduction, cultivation and management". Take the innovative talent working mechanism as the driving force, take capacity building as the core, optimize the structure as the main line,highlight the three key points of enterprise management talents, professional and technical talents and high-skilled talents.We build a talent team with reasonable structure and excellent quality, actively practice the leadership principle of " Learning, organizing, creativity, caring, reflective", widely recruit talents,achieve the matching of people and posts, make the best use of talents, it provides a strong talent guarantee for building Widehigh enterprise into a first-class enterprise of operation and maintenance management system.

Attach importance to talent cultivation and create a new future for Widehigh. We look forward to witnessing the fruitful fruits of "talents strengthen enterprises" together with you.