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Widehigh Holding Co., Ltd. was founded in 2018 with a registered capital of RMB 500 million . Our company is located at Building No.2, No. 22, Donggang 1st road, Quzhou City, Zhejiang Province. It is mainly engaged in company services, enterprise management consulting, information consulting services, etc. Widehigh Holding owns holding Able Technology Co., Ltd., Dongfang Widehigh Technology Co., Ltd., Quzhou Jiashi Business Management Partnership (L.P.), Quzhou Jiabei Business Management Partnership (L.P.), Quzhou Able Enterprise Management Co., Ltd,as well as share holding Jiasi Property(Quzhou) Co., Ltd.,Able Composite Technology Co.,Ltd. and Hangzhou Lizhi Science and Technology Partnership (Limited partnership), Hangzhou Zhuixing Video Technology Co., Ltd..

We contribute to the rapid development of enterprises and provide enterprises with strategic management, marketing management, leadership decision-making, and other management schemes,as well as continuous value-added services. It also has several strategic management service contract companies, including Quzhou Jiahao Investment Management Partnership (L.P.), Quzhou Jiafu Investment Management Partnership (L.P.), Quzhou Acme Science And Technology Co.,ltd., Widehigh Technology Co., Ltd., Quzhou Acme New Materials Co., Ltd. and Zhejiang Widehigh Investment Co.,Ltd.

Our high-quality professional team, vigorous staff, and efficient services set up a good corporate image in the society which brings us a good reputation. It also advocates the enterprise slogan of "one center task and two basic points", namely "taking economic benefits as the center, 8s management mode and the quality management mode as the two basic points". Adhere to the working habit of " quick response, excellence ". Adhering to the management policy of "quality first, credibility first, service first", and strive to achieve the business goal of "striving for a first-class enterprise". We aim to achieve our highest value while contributing to the development of society by respecting the management of human dignity, and commit to creating a first-class enterprise with operation and maintenance management system. 

We regard our social responsibility and commitment to our customers as the code of conduct,regard honesty and trustworthiness as the highest programme of action,expect to be invincible in the increasingly fierce market competition to achieve the goal of sustainable management.