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Employee code of conduct

1626223594197775.jpg① Love the motherland, love the people, love the widehigh.

② Diligent and steadfast, loyal to duty, continuous improvement.

③ Strictly keep business secrets and consciously maintain the safety of the company.

④ Abide by the law and obey the management; take the overall situation into consideration and good at pooling.

⑤ Adhere to the truth, adhere to the principle, and put an end to the act of damaging justice and morality.

⑥ Unite and help each other, respect others, and advocate the good fashion of teamwork.

⑦ Take good care of the company's property and insist on anti-corruption, anti-theft and anti-waste.

⑧ Focus on customers, reduce errors, eliminatemistakes, quality and efficiency.

⑨ Keep the environment clean and tidy, pay attention to appearance; Strengthen moral cultivation and advocate spiritual civilization.

⑩ Warm and polite, considerate service, modest and prudent, self-improvement, actively maintain the company's image.

Ten rules of management

① Not motivate, support or help subordinates in their work and growth.

② Not taking responsibility, passing the buck to subordinates and/or other departments.

③ Complain in front of subordinates, or spread any negative information.

④ Conniving and/or shielding for subordinates.

⑤ Engage in departmentalism and form cliques.

⑥ Talk off the top of one's head and promise to go beyond one's authority and/or company management system.

⑦ Any form of external part-time work, divulge any company secrets, confidential or top secret content.

⑧ Practice fraud,deceive upper and lower levels, even the company and/or customers.

⑨ Predatory, pockets, embezzle company property and/or rights and interests.

⑩ Discuss, violate or even attack any decisions and decisions of the superior or the company in private.

Ten rules for service personnel

① Practice Fraud (including advance payment, combined performance, etc.), deceive the company or customers.

② Malicious grab sheet, unauthorized smuggling sheet.

③ Malicious attacks on peers.

④ Do anything to tarnish the company's brand image.

⑤ Use immoral behaviors to make profits for own.

⑥ Predatory, pockets, embezzle company property or rights and interests.

⑦ Use the company's business relationships to promote other companies' products and services.

⑧ Divulge any company secrets, confidential or top secret content.

⑨ Practice fraud,deceive upper and lower levels, even the company or customers.

⑩ Talk off the top of one's head and promise to go beyond company management system.