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USD  677.440 EUR   736.400
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GBP  827.960 CAD   507.350
AUD  514.780 KRW  0.597

Zhejiang Widehigh Investment Group was founded in 2013, It is a cross-regional and integrated investment group which includes investment, industry, circulation, media, service and other businesses. Zhejiang widehigh Investment Co,Ltd as a parent company,mainly for export and import goods, including (Construction&Decorating, Hardware Accessories, Chemical Material and Food&Beverage etc.)and external investment (agreed investment which includes risk investment,equity investment) and assets control (privately-offered fund development,investment and operation) ;engaged in advertising service as well as the management of consulting (8S management,Quality Management System Construction, team building and promotion) ,Based on the industry and committed to become a influential international investment company in china.

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