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a  Product No.: WH-CPQT
b  Product Brand:WH
c  Product Name: Radiata Pine
d  Product size:
e  Manufacturer:

 Application areas:  making house. floor. building. paper making. furniture, etc.

g  Sales guide:
h  Product Features: 01.natural  02.softness 03. good machinability 04.good stability and unmatched grip 05.easily cemented and dyed
i  Product parameters: 01.variety:pine
                                         02.apparent density:88(g/m3)
                                         03.compression strength parallel to grain:88(MPa)
                               04.thickness:16. 18. 20. 22. 35. 50...(mm)

 Summary Description:The radiate pine is a kind of high quality soft material with MDF, even-textured, average shrinkage efficiency and good stability. The unbroken logs have no problems like decay, decay inside or worm-eaten, etc. The logs are unmatched grip, good penetration, easily to deal with antisepsis, desiccation, solidification, dyed, etc.

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