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Chemical Material



Product No.: WH-CPHG

b Product Brand: WH

Product Name: Optical brightening agent

d Product Size:
e Manufacturer:
f Application areas: It is particularly applicable to whiten PVC and PS products and other thermoplastics ,paint, printing ink and synthetic fiber
g Sales guide: Know yourself as well as the enemy;Make professional and Finest.
h Product Features: 01.Excellent thermal stability ,melting point up to 300 in application .
                                   02.Excellent compatibility with PVC and other polar polymers. Migration resistance 
                                   03.Resistance to become yellow

Product parameters:  Appearance Solid Powder
                                         Color Greenish Yellow
                                         Shade Neutrality 
                                         Melting point 219~221
                                         Volatile Content 0.5%
                                         Available Content 98%
                                         Fineness More than 200 meshes


Summary Description: 01. Recommended dosage: PVC 0.01~0.5%
                                           02. Package: 2KG*5carton or20KGbarrel 
                                           03. Storage: Keep in shady drying and away from light place
                                           04. shelf life: 24 months
                                           05. Attentions: All technical indexes and our recommendation of the application fields are based on our present knowledge and understanding of this product. Relevant experiments are essential to be made before it is applied into practice.
Please contact us if you have any technical or application problem.

Product Website URL:  www.widehigh.net


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